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Sat Jul 27 15:12:57 CDT 2013

1. Low price shuttles: Blair Mathson, 307-450-3434 or 307-455-3434.
2. Dubois Drugstore has a real soda fountain.

1. Wagon Wheel Motel  just reopened after being closed for 3 months, due to owner health problems. Owner, Eileen say she'll offer hikers a discount, and apparently her usual rates are way lower than most in this expensive town. It's on the E end of town, but even the laundromat is a mi at most. Everything else is a half mi or so. 
2. Heart & Soul, by Visitor Center has excellent, quasi-natural food offerings, at reasonable prices.
3. Rock Rabbit has excellent food, and music some nights, at higher prices. 
4. Gannett Taxi Service, 307-360-8934, has quoted me a $20 shuttle back to the Elkhart TH; the Great Outdoor Shop's price is $35 (that's a dinner's worth of savings).
5. Teton Court had an out of service message on their phone, but I'm told they're open; I'll try to drop by an get the truth.
6. Half Moon Lodge had an out of service message on their phone, and apparently was sold at auction many months ago; again, I'll try to drop by and get the truth.
7. All in all, a very good town stop.
8. Yogi, I hope you read the motel info above; again, I'll try to get the info on 5 & 6 above. 

There's some tedious hiking the last 2 days into here; lots of rock dancing. I hiked out on Seneca Lake & Pole Ck Trails; I'll probably hike back in on the Pole Creek Trail, as 2 Bros are picking me up in S Pass City.

JLey, I GPSed  my hike out as 11.6, not 10.3. I plan to GPS my hike back in for everyone also. 

Met perhaps 25 Nbounders, including Wired, who had just read my last post a short time earlier. I met Nbound Peanut Eater, whom I'd met in N NM while hiking w/Loon a couple years ago. 2 others believed we met on the PCT in years past, Tattoo Joe and someone else. 

Hope this helps a few others,

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