[Cdt-l] Centennial Mountains, MT/ID

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Thanks for your info! I've got a call into the CDT person for that Ranger  
District; I'll post his response to the list when he calls me. I'm leaving 
for  Stemple Pass to S Pass City sometime soon-to finish the CDT if I'm  
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stephenbrill at yahoo.com writes:

Cap'n Jack and I started hiking from Monida on Tuesday, hoping to  make it 
to Macks Inn. We made it as far as the Aldous Lake TH. Actually,  we made it 
1.3 miles beyond that but then turned around due to the most  ferocious 
section of blowdowns I have ever encountered. Our speed was  less than 1/4 mile 
per hour as we tried to negotiate the obstructions  with no end in sight. 
Thus we turned around. 
Thanks to the USFS crew who gave us a ride to Kilgore and to Bill  from 
Kilgore who gave us a ride from Kilgore to our car at Sawtelle  Resort.

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