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Lynnae lmcconaha at aol.com
Thu Jun 27 08:55:16 CDT 2013

We do have forest closures for those hiking the route out of Sapillo Campground,  150 road CDT trail and the alternate route through Columbus. I know I don't have the correct wording for the trails. We have a fire meeting at the Upper Mimbres Valley, Thunderbird Fire Department tomorrow night that should explain more and I'll post any pertinent information.

 (Can you give me some questions to ask for you?) 

But the Gila is still open, the Cliff Dwellings, Doc Campbell's and all businesses on Hwy 35 are open ~ we are here and available if you need something.  So check the middlefork trail to see that it's still fine. We had some high altitude smoke in the Mimbres Valley yesterday, but usually the winds blow it east, away from us.  Here is a link from the Deming newspaper about the Gila:


Lynnae McConaha

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