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Fri Jun 28 18:53:07 CDT 2013

Dear CDT-l Members and Followers,

As some of you may know,  when the Continental Divide Trail Alliance ceased
operations in 2012, it left a large gap in trail stewardship, advocacy and
support for the Trail.  When this happened, a few of us rallied together,
including many thru hikers, and have made it our mission to continue
building and sustaining the CDT through a new organization, the Continental
Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC). CDTC recently launched its efforts to
protect, preserve, maintain, and raise awareness about the CDT on May 21,
2013.  We officially kicked off our efforts with a celebration in Golden,
CO and with the launch of an Indiegogo.com Crowdfunding Campaign: Finding
Our Way on the Continental Divide Trail.

As part of our efforts, we also wish to honor the heroes of the CDT who
have helped build a strong legacy of citizen stewards who have made the
Trail what it is today and are part of the reason we formed the CDTC- to
not let all these hard efforts be forgotten or fall on our watch.

One of these heroes is Jim Wolf,  Founder and Director of the Continental
Divide Trail Society.  A few days ago, we were approached by members of the
CDT Thru hiker community to see if we might be interested in raising funds
to honor Jim and create a way for people to support our campaign at the
same time and would we be open to dedicating one trail head in honor of Jim
and his efforts.  We thought this was a Great Idea!  As many of you also
know, Jim was the person who provided testimony during the Congressional
Hearings that helped provided the justification for the creation of the
CDT. If Benton MacKaye dreamt up the idea of the CDT, it was Jim who
actually helped make it become a reality.  He is also responsible for
making the CDT thru-hiking experience a successful one for so many through
publishing the first set of CDT guides and maps for the CDT, and today
continues efforts to ensure the CDT Experience meets the purpose for which
the Trail was created.

So, we're rallying the CDT community to gift one CDT trailhead sponsorship
to Jim for his continued dedication to this Trail and its community. Help
us show Jim how much we appreciate his continued efforts by contributing to
our campaign and selecting the *$20 Perk/ **Honoring Jim Wolf*.  Here's the
link to the campaign: http://igg.me/at/cdt/x/3212388.  $20 is all it takes!
If you wish to contribute more than $20 to the effort, than simply make a
contribution with out the perk, and leave a comment that you would like the
funds to go to the Trailhead to honor Jim Wolf.

To those of you who have already contributed, we thank you for your
support, and thanks in advance to those of you this helps inspire to
contribute.  If you have any questions, please contact me, Teresa Martinez,
Director, tmartinez at continentaldividetrail.org.

Thanks again and many Happy Trails,



About Risk – Jeep Gaskin

“49, 3 kids, all of whom climb. in fact we're going sunday. I'm going to
die and so are you. so are my kids. in the perfect world I'll die before
they do, but there aren't any guarantees. so I prepare them for life the
best way I know how, doing the things that prepared me to massage my
mother’s feet and tell her not to be scared, that it was her time to go.
and that made it possible to kiss my dad one last time and tell him I loved
him, and walk away. if you have depth to your soul and insights into life's
lessons and you didn't get them from risk  then congratulations but I can't
relate. climbing can be deltoids or it can be zen; it can be runout or
short safe falls; it can be skies filled with lightning or crisp air ahead
of mare's tails. It is never standing in a grocery line.”
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