[Cdt-l] staying on the divide

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 22:22:20 CDT 2013

The Winds are some of the most beautiful mtns in America.  They blew our
socks off last year!  Cirque of the Towers is a must see.  Follow Ley's
alternate over Temple Pass (not bad but a bit of a scramble) and then into
the Cirque which is an easy trail.  As for Knapsack Col, which is also drop
dead gorgeous, it's a bit tricky and has a very loose bolder field on the
north side.  Stay off it, it's dangerous.  Piper found rocks as big as a
house that moved!  Go straight up the snow and be careful when you reach
solid ground near the top, it isn't solid.  It all wants to come down on
you and the person coming up below.  We spread ourselves out on the snow
face so as not to get beaned by loose stuff from the guy above.  The whole
area should not be missed it is so beautiful.

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