[Cdt-l] Mack's in alternate

Chuck Shugart cshugart at sasktel.net
Sat Aug 23 19:33:36 CDT 2014

Has anyone taken the Mack’s Inn alternate.  I’m in Dubois getting ready to head up through Yellowstone.  Due to the fact that I’m pretty late and the weather has been raining practically every day since I entered Colorado, I’d like to save a few miles by taking the Mack’s Inn short cut when I get there.  I see there is a bushwhack up a stream for several miles before it hooks back up to the “official” CDT.  How tough is that bushwhack?  Is there any sign of a trail through there? Is it open going, or lots of brush, trees, and willows to navigate around or through?


Hawkeye (from Canada)

Chuck Shugart
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