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At least to the Burro Mtns, a few mi N of  Lordsburg, the CDT is in pure 
Chihuahuan Desert; if you like deserts, as I do,  don't miss it. Here's a map 
CDRI is the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute, about 10 mi from where I  
live. "It should be inherently obvious to the discerning student that..." 
most  of the Chihuahuan is in Mexico. It's a huge desert. 
    Hiking Big Bend NP in early spring, when the Big  Bend Bluebonnet is in 
bloom is pretty damn nice. (The BBB is 1 of 5 varieties of  Bluebonnet, all 
5 the TX State Flower; but the Big Bend one has very tall bloom  
stalks--I've seen them to 4 feet tall.)
    The drive to CC is 30 mi one way from Hachita,  about 10 on pavement, 
and takes up to 2 hours, as I recall; I've driven it once,  in 09 after 
ADZ...when I took Tika and San Gabriel down there, and ridden it  once, in '10 
when I sectioned from CC to the Gila's. Except after a rain quite  possibly, 
one only needs high clearance for the drive, and as someone said, a  bit of 
throttle in a couple places.  
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
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