[Cdt-l] Steamboat Springs access issues

Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 23 09:21:56 CDT 2014

That's a tough one.  There's not a lot of public transport in WY. Check 
out this site for public transport options and a cool .PDF map showing 
all intercity public transport in USA: 

The ideal exit/entrance point for a three week jaunt would be South Pass 
City (it's about 264 north of Buffalo Pass, assuming that's where you'll 
be accessing the trail from Steamboat).  Unfortunately the nearest bus 
service would probably be Greyhound at Rock Springs, WY, an 88 mile 
hitch on WY28 and US191, from whence you can get to Salt Lake City on 
Greyhound and ride a different Greyhound south to return to Steamboat.

If you can add about 90 miles to you hike, then perhaps the outfitter in 
Pinedale, WY (Great Outdoor Shop, 307-367-2440) could give you some 
options for storing your car there and accessing public transport to to 
start your hike nobo again from Buffalo Pass (or Rabbit Ears Pass 
depending on where you left off the last time).   Then you could hitch 
to Jackson WY on US191/US26 (77 miles) for IIRC Salt Lake Express or 
Rock Springs US191 (102 mi) for Greyhound.

For both of these options you will spend a good deal of time in the 
Great Divide Basin.  A disadvantage of starting from Steamboat (either 
Buffalo Pass or Rabbit Ears) is that you'll be starting out at high 
altitude so you'll need to acclimatize.   An alternative would be to 
skip the Great Divide Basin and hike from Pinedale to West Yellowstone.  
You get the Winds and Yellowstone in about 250 trail miles.


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