[Cdt-l] Steamboat Springs access issues

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I understand Black Hills Stage line goes to Rawlins & Denver. Check
out their routes.

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 10:21 AM, Rick Ostheimer
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> That's a tough one.  There's not a lot of public transport in WY. Check
> out this site for public transport options and a cool .PDF map showing
> all intercity public transport in USA:
> http://www.kfhgroup.com/aibra/maps.htm
> The ideal exit/entrance point for a three week jaunt would be South Pass
> City (it's about 264 north of Buffalo Pass, assuming that's where you'll
> be accessing the trail from Steamboat).  Unfortunately the nearest bus
> service would probably be Greyhound at Rock Springs, WY, an 88 mile
> hitch on WY28 and US191, from whence you can get to Salt Lake City on
> Greyhound and ride a different Greyhound south to return to Steamboat.
> If you can add about 90 miles to you hike, then perhaps the outfitter in
> Pinedale, WY (Great Outdoor Shop, 307-367-2440) could give you some
> options for storing your car there and accessing public transport to to
> start your hike nobo again from Buffalo Pass (or Rabbit Ears Pass
> depending on where you left off the last time).   Then you could hitch
> to Jackson WY on US191/US26 (77 miles) for IIRC Salt Lake Express or
> Rock Springs US191 (102 mi) for Greyhound.
> For both of these options you will spend a good deal of time in the
> Great Divide Basin.  A disadvantage of starting from Steamboat (either
> Buffalo Pass or Rabbit Ears) is that you'll be starting out at high
> altitude so you'll need to acclimatize.   An alternative would be to
> skip the Great Divide Basin and hike from Pinedale to West Yellowstone.
> You get the Winds and Yellowstone in about 250 trail miles.
> Handlebar
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