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Iceaxehikes iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 22:58:16 CDT 2014

I never really got my Columbia Titanium white hiking shirt clean.
There were always packstains.
But having almost always (always) hammed it up for the camera.. you can't see them.
I recommend a size larger than you normally wear.
Kept me cool and kept the schnozzles of mossies at bay in the Wind River range in July.

I used whatever detergent was in the "soap center" at whatever coin-op laundry I was at.

By the way, to this day, I have an affinity for laundromats.
I am sane I assure you but..
I still do my laundry at a coin op and sometimes wash my socks and armits in the sink even though I am not hiking..
Okay..I exagerrated about the pits.

As for the white shirt?
I always made a point to dramtically straighten the collar and stand up straight.. did a sort of "captain Picard" thing as cars were coming up close.. just to show them I was trying to be presentable and such.
Plus, they hadn't smelled me yet.. that helps.
"Hey, there's a hiker in white", "let's pick 'it' up"

Anyhow, damn i'm jealous!
You had cuben before I did.
You had stocks and bonds "making money" for you while away.
Now you are hiking the CDT!

Cheers Man!

Iceaxe- aka Matt Edwards 

Embrace the CDT Miner!

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