[Cdt-l] Which Route N of Sliver City, NM?

b j xthrow at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 00:15:20 CST 2015

I'm poring over the maps and have a question about just N of Silver City.  The trail splits into at least two possibilities there.1) The Gila River Route that mostly goes up the Middle Gila River
2) The CDTA 'Official' Route that goes East, then N then W to hook back up with the N portion of the Gila River Route

It sounds like the Gila River Route is recommended over the 'official' route, but only as long as the multitude of river crossings are safe enough (i.e. NOT a high flow year).
Here are a couple of questions for you wonderful folks:1) What are your perspectives on what route is better and why, and2) How and when do I find out how high a flow year it is for the Gila River and how would I find out if that route is passeable?
Thanks for your input!

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