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michelle bracht mbracht at live.com
Sat Jul 11 12:36:51 CDT 2015

Just a heads up on conditions around Creede. I hiked the Creede cut off that can be found on the guthook app then the cdt section from Goose Creek to 14 miles north of Spring Creek. The cdt was mostly clear of snow except an ice covered rock slide north of knife edge. There was a fairly miserable and difficult to follow trail around this though. The only problem I encountered was on the southern few miles of the cut off trail. The trail completely disappeared and the recent fires made it difficult to even guess at. I would not recommend this without the guthook app.  Unfortunately my solar panel stopped working so my phone and therefore app were unusable.
That brings me to a question about solar panels.  Can anyone recommend a RELIABLE light weight panel?

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Sorry for the mistake. Typed in pct instead of CDT.

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> On Jul 7, 2015, at 5:21 PM, Stephen Clark <rowriver at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is this on the CDT or the PCT? The only reference I find to Chief Joseph Pass is on the CDT, and  Hwy 569 in Oregon, is the bypass around Eugene.  Am I looking in the wrong place???
>> On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 4:04 PM, Jim & Jane Moody <moodyjj at comcast.net> wrote:
>> I just finished the section from Chief Joseph Ps to Hwy 569, Lower Seymour Lake. Snow is not an issue - you'd have to go off trail to walk in some. Navigation was easy - lots of signage, cairns, well- worn paths. Used mostly bear creek maps with my gps and had no delays or backtracking. Most scenic spots were top of Rainbow Mtn and Goat Flats. Below Goat Flats a FS crew is improving the trail, using dynamite & heavy hand equipment, rappelling ropes w/ carabiners, hard hats, etc.  Some serious work. Temporary hazardous areas being created where blast debris slides down to th switchback level below - unstable footing. They have an airhorn at bottom to blast when you start up ( going south). Worst sections were burn areas north & east of Chief Joseph, with many blow downs. I passed a FS crew headed in with saws to work on clearing.
>> Obvious that a huge amount of work had and is being done to create a great trail. Thanks to all who have contributed.
>> Mango
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