[Cdt-l] Doc Campbells and increasing hiker numbers

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What if all 200 boxes showed up at the same time, followed en masse by the hikers intent on claiming them? Is that what we're up against this year? For the sake of preserving the status quo, I sure hope not.

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I thought they charged five bucks a box.  Even 200 boxes, that's real money. I don't know what a hiker might do accept make a suggestion to Paul. (is there a Doc?) The people on the ground are they only ones who can do this.  For most , this is a one time fly by, there isn't really a "we" unless the CDTA chimes in. I'll call them from Vermont and all former hikers should call them and say "charge six bucks"!)  Since I also spent another $25 bucks on shower and laundry and food. I think he's happy we show up. Most of his customers look around, buy a coke and leave. He loves hikers.
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Last spring Doc Campbell's Post in Gila Hot Springs saw a huge increase in the number of hikers and held packages, to the point where the stairwell storage area inside the store was reportedly overflowing, a veritable free-for-all, and a potential drain on owner Paul's time and good will. Since Doc Campbells is purely an arrangement of convenience, and given the lack of resupply alternatives in this extended stretch of Gila country, what can the trail community do (or what are we doing) to ensure the continued availability of this important service?
Has anyone encouraged management to post (or increase) a maildrop hold fee? (a very reasonable gesture given that all boxes and refuse must be packed out to Silver City by Paul). 
Could we explore additional storage space arrangements, ie. has anyone given management a heads up to expect an ever-increasing amount of hiker traffic and boxes this year and in subsequent years?
Having this dialog now could help to prevent any sudden, unpleasant surprises down the line. Obviously we're business, though I'm not at all certain how much that matters in the grand scheme. What we need to be, foremostly, is good stewards of the resource. Part of this is making an efficient transaction of ourselves, something that can continue to scale up for the foreseeable future. Doc Campbells is a no-neediness zone; they're not in the gig to coddle hikers or put up with nonsense. I think we're best off taking no offense at this, but instead recognizing the value of the current arrangement for what it is, an essential part of a CDT or GET resupply plan.

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