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Wed Mar 4 17:05:45 CST 2015

…that beat up, faded, full length chrome dome-
The sun shade in S. California-the rain/snow/deflection in Washington,
hunkering under at the monument.
The second one for all the CDT and the ADT…rain/sleet in the San Juans….sun
in Kansas-monsoon in Colorado and Utah.
I thought it wussy when I saw one on my 88/89 AT thru hike.
Don't leave home without it-worth the carry

zen quake

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 5:45 PM, <larry.swearingen at frontier.com> wrote:

>  Doug had the collapsible Chrome Dome that broke a spine.
> I used the Full length non-collapsible Chrome dome and it held up fine
> in southern New Mexico.  It ever got used going up the Gila.
> I did use it one day in the Winds though and was glad I had it.
> I stayed dry from the thighs up with no rain gear.  The hikers that I saw
> with
> “rain gear” looked soaked to me.
> Larry OldnSlow Swearingen
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