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Since hiking the PCT I've become an umbrella convert.   They're very useful
for a lot of things.   Since I've been using a tarp I find I use my
umbrella as a wind / rain block quite often.

It's also great for just getting out of the rain.   I was thru hiking the
Sheltowee Trace trail in KY earlier this month and it was pouring down
rain.   I decided that a cup of coffee would be nice so I pulled off the
trail and brewed a cup and enjoyed it under my umbrella.   It was quite
nice, sitting there in the pouring down rain, sipping on a cup of coffee
under my umbrella.   ;-)

They're definitely not a necessity but can be quite handy for more than
just rain.

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:16 PM, Rick Ostheimer <
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> I didn't carry one on the CDT or PCT, but I've carried and used one since
> on many trails including the Colorado Trail where it runs with the CDT and
> the Arizona Trail.  It is a luxury item since I also carry a rain Jacket
> that doubles as a wind jacket.  I attach it to my pack straps with Velcro
> so I have my hands free for trekking poles.  The umbrella makes hiking in
> the rain much more pleasant since I can keep my rain jacket open and hood
> off.  It was also especially nice in the sun on the AZT.  Although it
> snagged a bit on overgrown cats claw on the AZT, it is still functional
> with only a small amount of duct tape decorating it.       ---Handlebar
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