[Cdt-l] MLD Quilt

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 22:05:01 CDT 2015

I can vouch for that quilt Walt is selling.
I used the Spirit Quilt 28 for the length of the AT.
It is thin but oddly warm.
When i went to bed went, that moisture went through the quilt and i was dry
in the morning.
Mine has many miles and except for a little" pilling" of the momentum 90
fabric near my toes, it retains it's loft.
Combined with a clothing system you could use it down to 15 degrees, as i
did in the Smoky's.
I think it's best use on the CDT would be Wyoming's Divide Basin and the
If mine weren't still kicking, i would snap this up.
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