[Cdt-l] Weninuche Wilderness Question

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Tue Sep 29 00:42:34 CDT 2015

This year I hiked the John Muir Trail. 


2016 I want to hike the CDT from Wolf Creek (Hwy 160) to Spring Creek on Hwy
149.  About 120 miles- 12/13 days.  No resupply.


I would like to park my car at Spring Creek, then Hitch back to Wolf Creek
and then follow the CDT back to my car at Spring Creek.


I can't remember South Fork.  Is that a good place to find a motel for the
night between the two points/passes?  And maybe a ride out to Wolf Creek the
next day?


This would probably be hike number 2.  First hike will probably be in the La
Garita Wilderness for 7- 8 days with 1 or 2 friends- nice loop beginning at
Eddiesville TH that will end with a summit of San Louis Peak and then out at
Eddiesville TH.  I would then drive over to Spring Creek Pass for the
Weninuche hike.


Right now this looks like a solo trip for me.


I don't think I have the maps for this section anymore.  I hiked it once
before like 16 years ago and want to do it again.


Early planning, I know, but I want to do this.


Arizona Trail Question:  Anyone hiked it?  I think I am interested in
starting on the northern end in the fall and I need some suggestions on
doing the AZT and how did you get spotted at the  start of the trail?  





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