[Cdt-l] Weminche Wilderness Question

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I have been thinking about hiking from Wolf Creek Pass to Spring Creek.  Even with the dead trees, I guess the views are still fantastic.  


I wouldn't be able to do this until the middle- end of July.    I am suppose to start jury duty the end of June.


I did 155 miles on the Arizona Trail in March.  


I plan to be hiking a section of the North Country Trail in Michigan's UP in September.  Thought a section of the CDT in Colorado would be nice in the middle of those two hikes.




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Really wet spring going on.  I doubt if there will be fire restrictions this year.



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The fire danger in Colorado has to be extreme now with all that dead pine.  


I remember hiking past The Window.  I started a summit of Rio Grande Pyramid but turned back in the face of dark clouds coming in and continued on the trail heading north.  


All the trees were green back then.




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Not so great. A good portion of the CDT is above the forest, but here are 2 photos taken in August 2011, a couple of days before Wolf Creek Pass (SB) looking down and another looking back at the Window where the forests are devastated. Mini Mart




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