[pct-l] nice little round holes in Pygmy

Trail Pygmy trailpygmy at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 20 13:03:25 CDT 2006

Yer gonna have to do better than that Reinhold! Being in the midst of 
"combat" is hardly a "defensive" position. And if I'm running away from you 
and your gun, well that certainly is not defensive but rather offensive. 
Regarding my knowlege of guns... more than I care to speak about.

However, hats off to you for defending our country. My dad is a Marine.
aloha, Pygmy... sound off!!!

JMT Reinhold wrote:
I agree with Jerry that a gun can be an excellent defensive
weapon,if you know how to use it properly, not just an offensive weapon.
Take the USMC 45 caliber pistol which was developed during the Boxer
Rebellion strictly as a defensive weapon designed to stop a charging enemy
combatant at close range.

I could give you an example of how to use a gun for self defense but,
unfortunately, that would leave you with a nice little round hole between
your running lights and you are to nice of a guy for me to do that to you.
Cheers  &  happy trails Pygmy, hope to see you on the trail some day

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