[pct-l] I Love the Internet!

Ron Moak rmoak at sixmoondesigns.com
Sat Dec 2 11:58:30 CST 2006

I love the internet!

Whenever someone calls me a whore and a despicable one to boot, well I just
kind of want to know something about them. After all most of us walk around
from time to time in a state of personal delusion. So I wanted to check Jon
out a bit just to see if he or I might be running around with a few too many
loose marbles. 

So I did a little digging. Turns out Jon's been a busy boy, with close to
1900 post spread over 139 groups on Yahoo Groups alone. He posts on an
incredibly wide variety of topics, such as electronics design, graphics,
operating systems, photography, cooking, hiking, survivalist plus many many
more. Who said the renaissance man was dead. With all that posting one
wonders how Jon has time to hold down a steady job. 

Anyway I decided to read a few of his post just to get a feel for the man.
Clearly I'm not going to read some 1900 post, but happily and quite by
accident, I stumbled on a post to a photography forum he'd posted sometime
ago. This particular post pointed to a webpage describing a homemade
photographic light box. Turns out that for sometime I've been looking to
build just such a gismo. I've tried several times in the past only to have
my efforts fall well short of the mark. Looks like this ones a winner. It's
got great detailed instructions. 

So thanks Jon! Keep up the good work! Frankly us whores don't really care
what you call us. If we did we wouldn't be whores in the first place. But at
least this whore will have all better photos to solicit those unsuspecting

Seasons Greetings!

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