[pct-l] Taking care of "The Boys" Nemo the Inventor...

Georgi Heitman bobbnweav at citlink.net
Fri Jan 26 14:13:20 CST 2007

>> Bill wrote, ....Chafing of private areas....

>> You might want to check in with Nëmo "the knitter", The Inventor, who did
>> the trail last year.  She's a whiz with her needles and advertises that 
>> she
>> can 'knit to fit'.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Georgi
>> P.S.  Given the name of her product, I love your email address!!!!
>>>> Hello folks,
>>>>   This is sort of a joke and sort of real. I really
>>>> did invent this and create it whilst in Sisters, OR
>>>> on the hike for a special hiker friend of mine, Hot
>>>> Sister. He had a little trouble with public nudity
>>>> and chaffing so I made him a matching hat and
>>>> sockballcozy combo. He hiked in it often and
>>>> said that it cured many ailments. The photo pretty
>>>> much says it all. I laughed the entire time I
>>>> knitted it. I think that I may take special orders
>>>> if you know of anyone who may want one..... that may
>>>> be what funds my CDT hike. (Ha Ha, just joking) I am
>>> sick of making hats
>>>> at this point. I think what I charge would have to
>>>> depend on the size, fiber and ornament, but it would
>>>> be approximately $25. If you have any ideas that may
>>>> make this more fun, or if you think that this is
>>>> actually something that would have prevented
>>>> chaffing, please reply. Chaffing seemed to be the
>>>> major complaint on the PCT in southern California.
>>> There was not one day that went by that the women did
>>> not have to listen to the men moaning in pain. I am
>>> hoping that Hot Sister will provide an
>>>> endorsement. I hope no one is offended by this
>>>>  product. It is really more of a uniform than a
>>> decoration. Please don't spread this idea around too
>>>> far, someone will probably steal it!

>>>>   Here is the product statement:
>>>>   Are you a man or hermaphrodite who has been
>>>> searching for comfortable loungewear for your little
>>>> friend? Imagine your compressed genitals in
>>> something a
>>>> little more comfortable?
>>>> Well, you are not alone, thousands of men are
>>>> choosing Nemo's Cocksockballcozycombo to dress their
>>>> little chums in. Are you a thruhiker walking through
>>>> the desert? Is it too hot
>>>> and chaffing is an issue? Is it too cold and
>>>> shrinkage or frostbite is an issue?  Do you
>>>> have a problem with public nudity? Well, the members
>>>> of the High Alpine Knitting Club are here to help.
>>>> Just choose your size, colors and fiber and we will
>>>> provide you with a one of a kind sweater that your
>>>> little friend will never want to take off. May I
>>>> suggest polyester for the athlete in a hot
>>>> environment, angora for the pornstar and windproof
>>>> fleece for the mountaineer or ice fisherman. There
>>> are four sizes,
>>>> small through extra large. *, **, ***, ****, *****,
>>>> ******
>>>> * Nemo is not responsible for any growth, bacterial
>>>> or otherwise, in a product that was not properly
>>>> cleaned after each use.
>>>> ** Nemo is not responsible for any products which
>>>> get stuck on members which require one size larger
>>>> than ordered.
>>>> ***Nemo is not responsible for the illegitimate
>>>> children that you may father while luring women with
>>>> this product.
>>>> ****Nemo is not responsible for loss or damage of
>>>> this product due to animal attack, wear and tear,
>>>> mishandling or other such damage due to the
>>>> radiation of the sun.
>>>> *****Nemo does not do personal measurements or
>>>> fittings.
>>>>   ****** Failure to use this product as directed
>>>> voids warranty.
>>>>   Love, NEMO

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