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Sat Feb 2 21:15:54 CST 2008

_tellis89 at sbcglobal.net_ (mailto:tellis89 at sbcglobal.net)  writes:  Ah, mules, 
blankets, and baskets, eh? Dr.  Bob, Shell, T+, and I will be lying in wait. 
Those items should prove useful for  us as we make our trek down the Canyon. 
We know when and where to find you. Tee  hee!
Switchback replies: You folks must be with the third group going in  with 
MeadowEd.  Say, I just thought of something.  I do not know who  is going on the 
second group expedition into the GC with MeadowEd and  me.  I do not know 
their resumes.  This whole thing might be some type  of trick.  This might be some 
type of payback for years of hiking  community abuse by yours truly.  There 
could be coordination  between the second and third expedition groups against 

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