[pct-l] Gentlemen, let's discuss underwear

David Stewart davidalexanderstewart at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 06:49:50 CST 2008

I had somewhat show-offy "I'm so damn funny" announced a few months back
that I would wear a kilt to hike the trail. I no longer think that i will do
this (someone mentioned mosquitoes and it kind of freaked me out). And I
realized that, although cool, they were 80 bucks and then i thought i would
have to spend more money on bug-net pants or something all to just wear a
kilt. not really worth it, honestly.

i will still go commando (i have never had a problem with this) and I will
wear running shorts, like what marathoners wear. new balance, saucony (sp?)
and all of the shoe companies make them...

I would get really shorts with a high cut up the side, so they are loose
feeling; with the lightest material; and with the built in mesh underwear
stuff. provides support but is really light and dries fast...

seperate underwear never crossed my mind, to be honest...

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