[pct-l] Cellphone coverage --- a few more data points

Lon Cooper loncooper at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 21:16:43 CST 2008

Thanks for the info Brian. I will update the cellphone list and over
the weekend expand it to have lists for different cell phone


On Jan 29, 2008 1:46 PM, Brian Lewis <brianle at nwlink.com> wrote:
> Last Wednesday, Lon wrote:
> "Brian, I don't know if their is enough interest in a cell phone report or
> not. I remember a year ago AsABat suggested something like this on the list.
> I would be willing to attempt to compile something like this if other hikers
> would help out with reception reports."
> First off, I want to thank you Lon, for the excellent start represented by
> your work here:
> http://www.pctmap.net/cell.html
> I just hiked from Campo to Mt. Laguna last week (Thursday through Saturday),
> and have a few data points from this.  My provider is AT&T, using a GSM
> phone (ETEN Glofiish M700).   My hiking partner had a Blackberry using
> T-Mobile.   I should say as an aside that in the few checks I made, nothing
> contradicted what you have listed so far.
> About NOB mile 12 I got good cell reception (I don't think he did, but I'm
> not sure).
> I got good coverage near Buckman Spring road (after Hauser creek, before
> Morena state park); so did my friend's T-Mobile device.
> I got fine coverage at Morena State Park, but his T-Mobile did not.
> A ridge perhaps 2 miles past Morena State Park, both AT&T and T-Mobile get
> reception, est NOB mileage 22 or so.
> Good AT&T reception at Cottonwood creek mile 26 (not at the bridge, but
> farther on; probably at the bridge too, didn't test for reception there).
> Odd, no water flowing earlier under the bridge, but good flow of what I
> think is the same creek at NOB 26 ...
> Boulder Oaks campground: good reception for both AT&T and T-Mobile.
> Got signal at Kitchen Creek Road, NOB 30.6, but not very strong (ATT). I
> didn't try, but I suspect that walking a short distance along the road might
> have improved things.
> No reception at Fred Canyon Road, NOB 33 for either device.
> I got it near Mt. Laguna, but in the actual motel I mostly didn't.  But once
> I did (weak but useable signal) --- go figure.  T-Mobile never did.  From
> Lon's report, I assume that walking east a ways would get signal, and in
> fact I did get good signal very shortly before we walked west off the PCT.
> One of the people at the Mt. Laguna store said that Verizon works best
> there.
> Hmm, and one minor unrelated update to Yogi's book (the smaller book, page
> 11) --- the Mt. Laguna store WILL take credit card, but with a $10 minimum.
> Prices at that remote store are naturally high, so in fact it doesn't take
> all that much to hit the minimum ... <g>
> Oddly enough Yogi's text under "resupply" says there's no ATM, but on the
> next page under ATM it says "yes".   There is no ATM.
>         Brian Lewis
>         http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?trailname=6169

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