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I am not a botanist but I have seen one on TV and have friends who are ........ I have taken a weekend course from a PLANT GUY in section C of California for SAR.  In SoCal it would be very time and energy consuming to find edible plants for anything more than supplementation to your regular diet.  It would be fun though to find things to mix with your rice, pasta, granola, etc  basic hiker food.  As for reading, the plant guy showed us many resources with a lot of latin and not hiker specific but rather area specific.  Since the PCT has such a wide variety one speciifc all encompassing resource would be difficult to find.  I do encourage you to continue your search for knowledge ---- it can only help and maybe but you sometime during the cabin fever of planning.  My plant guy teaches classes I think at one of the Victor
 Valley colleges.


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Subject: [pct-l] plant identification/botany on the PCT/ regarding things edible
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Hello! I've been recently taking an interest in plant identification and I
was thinking it might be pretty cool to do some reading on PCT-related
botany before my thru-hike both as a way to supplement my diet with fresh
foods on occasion (if this proves not to be a complete pipe-dream) -- and
also purely for the joy of getting that much more out of the hike. Have any
of you done something similar? I'm trying to find some good reading
or info from past thru-'ers.
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