[pct-l] Class of 2008 DVD is online on bittorrent

The Incredible Bulk taterno at cox.net
Wed Apr 1 14:45:15 CDT 2009

Paul, et al,

This DVD is not copyright protected.  It is free to copy and distribute as you please.    

I will mail Lightscribed disks to all who contributed photographs.  

For all other requests, I encourage those folks to download the iso image.  If you absolutely need a DVD version, I will mail a standard DVD disk to you.

Enjoy the beauty of the trail, captured in this DVD.

The Incredible Bulk

---- Paul <paul_c at tuxcnc.org> wrote: 

On Wednesday 01 April 2009, Brick Robbins wrote:
> Come and get it. It is an ISO image of the DVD The more people who
> download it, the faster it becomes.

My thanks to all that made the DVD possible. From all the hikers (both section 
and thru) to the team that put the disk together.

You guys (and gals) are in inspiration to the future hiking generations.

> The rest of the class DVDs are here

For anyone in the UK or Europe who has trouble downloading the files, drop me 
a note and I'll burn a copy (assuming it is OK with the copyright holders).

Regards, Paul.

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