[pct-l] alcohol (stove) bottle size for a thru-hike.

jape1 at cox.net jape1 at cox.net
Fri Apr 3 14:55:54 CDT 2009

I would simply purchase a .99 bottle of Isopropal alcohol, dump the Iso, and use the empty bottle which would be clearly marked "Alcohol".  Better yet, in memory of an earlier thread, use the iso to annoint the hot clammy nether regions, and then use the empty.  <g>


---- Julian Plamann <julian at amity.be> wrote: 
> Good tip about the Listerine bottle! I think I'll go that route.
> -Julian
> On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Donna Saufley <dsaufley at sprynet.com> wrote:
> > I like using squarish mouthwash bottles (i.e., Listerine).  They come in
> > different sizes (which I use for differing lengths of trip and fuel needs),
> > have lids that really lock on so leakage has not been a problem, and those
> > with the right type of cap also serves as a measuring implement.  Since the
> > shape is nothing like my Aquafina water bottles, I have never confused
> > them.
> > Spilled them, yes. Confused them, no.  All the same, I put black tape
> > around
> > the fuel bottle so that others would stop to investigate before drinking.
> >
> > L-Rod

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