[pct-l] More or le4ss- number of thru's this year

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Hello form the Southern PCT

Recently dropped into the 60's daytime here in Warner Springs.  Hoping for a 
break from this cold spell tomorrow, but possible rain Wednesday with snow 
at higher altitudes.

Kick Off Thru-Hiker registration in relation to other participants is up 
thirteen hundredths of a percent point over last year.  In other words the 
Probably about 350-400 thru hikers this year.

We already have hikers on the trail down here.  I just put Dan and Anna from 
DC back on the trail this morning.  When they get up your way I suggest 
putting Dan in your kitchen.  He loves to cook and he's good at it.  Two 
great dinners here.

Thanks again for your advise locating the medical help in Mt Shasta last 

Hope to see you up the trail this year.


Lightweight Backpacking
The fun goes up when the weight goes down
-Warner Springs Monty

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>I spent a lovely day with Georgi and Denny Heitman yesterday in Old 
>Station. Glorious drive over via Hwy. 89. Both Lassen and Shasta were 
>magnificent as always.
> While there we got into a conversation about whether the state of the 
> economy being what it is, lousy, would there be more thrus and section 
> hikers this year, or less. Any comments?
> Also, (wondering if I may already have my answer) wanted again before the 
> adz to remind all you hikers that our home is open to you as you pass thru 
> true northern CA: Castle Crags; Scott Mtn Summit; Etna Summit and Seiad 
> Valley. If you need assistance or are taking a zero in/around 
> Dunsmuir/Mt.Shasta, give me a ring and we'll do anything for you possible. 
> 530-905-0507. That includes a room, bath, computer, TV, washer/dryer and 
> all the beer and soft drinks you want along with home cooked food. All at 
> the extended foot of Mt. Shasta. I left some cards with Georgi and gave 
> her the full scoop as to what we can offer.
> Enjoy the coming/arrival of spring. 18 degrees here two nights ago. 
> Wonderful sun during the days. Pulled weeds this a.m.
> are we there yet
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