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CHUCK CHELIN steeleye at wildblue.net
Mon Apr 6 20:57:16 CDT 2009

Good evening, Fuzz,

Most of the critters along the PCT pretty much go about their business in a
straight-forward, predictable fashion:  Deer and elk browse, hawks soar, and
rattlesnakes curl up under a bush, etc.  Except for cubs that often do some
interesting things, even bears generally confine themselves to digging and

There’s one notable exception:  the river otter.  Along the PCT in the
Cascades they are more likely to be found in ponds than rivers, and they
love to play – even the adults.  They never seem to tire of playing tag,
wrestling, racing, sliding, or playing keep-away with some object.  Sometimes
there is just one playing alone, but often it will be several in a family
group.  The energy and imagination they demonstrate is amazing, and they
move so fast and constantly that watching them is enough to make a cup of
coffee nervous.


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On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 7:47 AM, Fuzz McPherson <fuzzmcpherson at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Along the trail it will be possible to maybe see some pretty cool things
> including bears and cougars if you're lucky (or unlucky!), deer,
> rattlesnakes, various colors of kingsnakes, rubber boas maybe, eagles, etc.
> What else have you guys seen out there?  I ask just thinking about what
> people might keep an eye out for because this weekend I'm going hunting in
> central Oregon in an area that has antelope.  I'm not hunting for antelope
> (not the season and I don't have a tag for one) but I'm hoping to see them,
> maybe mule deer, elk, and hopefully coyotes and a cougar.
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