[pct-l] Quiz...

Georgi Heitman bobbnweav at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 11:34:59 CDT 2009

I took your quiz.  I think I scored about 25...which is the mean score, I
believe...never hiked a long trail, I'm a trail angel who white watered
canoed with a B.S. Explorer Post for several years...figured that a canoe
was as good a a raft any day and counted that question as a 'yes'.  The part
about how close to elk, moose and bear wasn't separated...I've been w/in 25
feet of a young moose, while gliding silently around a bend  on the Selway
River in ID in a canoe.  And w/in 50 feet or so of five moose near the 4
corners area in Shasta Co. (where 89 and 299 intersect).  The bull was
checking on the wood chipper working nearby.  I suspect he was being nagged
to pieces by his four cows who were sooo curious.  Just had to go
see...didn't even notice the humans working there, completely focused on
that chipper.  Gave it the once over, turned around, saying (I'm sure),
'see, I told you it was nothin' and wandered back the way they'd come.  How
do you score two out of three, you grouped them all together.  I figured two
out of three allowed for another 'yes'...can't remembering have to flip a
coin on any others.  So is the 25 for my score a valid figure?
Waiting with bated breath.....

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