[pct-l] Pct-l Digest, Vol 16, Issue 43

David Thibault dthibaul07 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 13:53:27 CDT 2009

Some Aluminum bottles will react to alcohol and the Aluminum will slowly
degrade with time.  If you have used an aluminum bottle for alcohol you can
usually see some pitting in the aluminum inside the bottle.  This probably
isn't a hazard when just carrying alcohol as the worst case is that the
bottle might develop a leak and that would be messy,  but I guess could
start an accidental fire also.  The bigger concern is that the aluminum
bottle would then be used with white gas on a pressurized stove -- and that
can be dangerous as the bottle is now weakened and could suffer a
catastrophic failure.  For this reason it is not recommended that alcohol be
used in aluminum fuel bottles.

There may be some Al bottles were this isn't a problem due to their
composition.  But only the manufacture could tell you if it is safe for
alcohol use.

Hope this helps.


> Flop Wrote:
> ?
> I have a question.? Last year I carried my alcohol in a 12 oz. aluminum
> that was red and labelled "Fuel".? Someone on the trail told me that it was
> not safe to carry alcohol in an aluminum bottle.? Has anyone heard of this?
> ?
> Thanks,? Pete Hanson / Flop

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