[pct-l] Old recoredes

jomike at cot.net jomike at cot.net
Fri Apr 10 14:52:08 CDT 2009

Meadow Ed,

What an incredible find!! You know we've talked in the past and preserving all the history of the trail registers is of the utmost importance to me. (I'll see you at the adz.)

To me it's no different than the history of anything else, even our own country. The names and places are once in a life time and tell us oh so many stories of the pct, who has walked it, under what conditions, past names for the Association, etc.

Those logs, frequently in post offices, are a true treasure and should be treated with respect. When signing one, you are leaving your permanent mark in the history of the Pacific Crest Trail. Hey, it's a big deal to some of us.

are we there yet

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