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Good morning, Flop,

I haven’t used a Whitebox Stove – I resist paying over $20 for the
functional equivalent of what I can make for myself in 20 minutes out of two
cat food cans – but I do have a smaller open-top contact stove.  The
stability of it is really bad.  If you elect to use the Whitebox with a
separate pot support I suggest you measure the performance with, and
without, the support.  According to the Whitebox instructions it is made to
have the bottom of the pot in direct contact with its top to force the vapor
out the side holes, and it may be like my little contact stove which gets
really cranky and performs less well when the pot is on a stand up and away
from the stove.  Your results may vary, but I’m just klutzy enough to tip
the thing over without a pot support.


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On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 9:32 AM, Peter Hanson <xphanson at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I used this stove on my hike last year.  I had no problems with it and I'll
> keep using it.  My only complaints are: 1) while you place your pot directly
> on the stove, the small size of the stove means a lack of stability (you
> must use care); and 2) you do have to wait a short amount of time (about a
> minute)  for the stove to heat up before you place the pot on and start
> heating.  This means that you are wasting a small amount of fuel each time
> the stove is used.
> Both problems above could be solved by using a separate pot support made
> out of chicken wire or something - I didn't bother.
> There is a good review of this stove on YouTube:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYjn8Urk7YA
> I have a question.  Last year I carried my alcohol in a 12 oz. aluminum
> that was red and labelled "Fuel".  Someone on the trail told me that it was
> not safe to carry alcohol in an aluminum bottle.  Has anyone heard of this?
> Thanks,  Pete Hanson / Flop
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> Hello,
> I am really considering the whitebox stove. I like how it looks. Anyone
> like
> this stove at well? Good choice? If not other options? Thank you. Oh it's
> only $20+ $3 shipping to. :)
> Thank you.
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