[pct-l] Never, never give up on your dream

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You're right, Reinhold -- Rena did post this first.  I sure didn't see it,
though I admit to culling through messages by subject line looking
specifically for those I can be of some assistance with, that are pertinent
to our sections of the trail, or are of specific interest for a variety of
reasons.  I apologize for resubmitting something already posted.

Rena, I read your lovely response to Reinhold, and I just want to tell you
that part of the motivation for what we do here comes from being a mother,
in hopes that my own son will find kindness from strangers on his journey
through life. Equally motivating is empathy for all the mothers (and
fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives) of those who
are left behind in a supporting role.  I know all the kindred spirits of my
fellow trail angels would agree that we hope it brings comfort to those left
at home, perhaps sometimes worried, that there people they don't know
looking out for and lending a helping hand to their most precious loved
ones.  I can't tell you how many frantic calls from parents (et al) I've
received, and hopefully calmed.

Your support of your son's dream is a wonderful gift.  Not all loved ones
and significant others embrace a thru hike with such understanding and
enthusiasm.  Sadly, I've seen hikers' hikes ended or significantly ruined by
those at home (and sometimes on the trail with them) either wanting their
hiker to quit and come home, or by not believing that the pursuit is a
worthy one, or so terrified of the wilderness that their fear poisons their
support.  It takes so much courage for hikers to continue on when those you
love aren't supporting what you love to do because it's not what they want
you to do.  Your sons are blessed.

Susan Boyle's story is so incredibly inspirational on so many levels.
There's a reason that she's become an overnight international sensation.
It's not just her beautiful voice -- it's what she represents to us all.  I
really liked this article I found in the SF Chronicle, which tells you a bit
more about her story and perhaps why she's "taken the world by storm":



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  Say gang,

Rena was first to post "never, never, give up on your dream" but never 
got any response, credit  or acknowledgment,...why?
I think she deserves some credit or at least share it with Donna.
Sorry Rena it's the nature of the beast....it can be very cruel.
At least you have my acknowledgment, for what it is worth.

JMT Reinhold
Rena wrote:
[pct-l] never, never give up on your dream
 *Rena Johnston* renajf at gmail.com 
/Mon Apr 13 22:01:34 CDT 2009/

I apologize for being off subject...but if you watch this I think you'll
realize what a great reminder this is to never, never give up on your
dream!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY

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