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Vincent Rupp vincent.rupp at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 21:16:55 CDT 2009

My guess, from a purely chemical point of view, from someone with a degree
in math (not chemistry), is that it'll work very well but burn a touch less
controllably than pure ethanol. With something like a tuna can stove, I
imagine a larger flame-up, but less oxygen exposure might take care of that.
I'd be more careful with it on the trail too.

Man, I wish pure ethanol weren't so regulated. That'd be the perfect trail
companion - gatorade powder, stove fuel, and water. It'd put me right to
sleep all night regardless of wind!

On Apr 15, 2009 9:19 PM, "Robert E. Riess" <robert.riess at cox.net> wrote:

Does anybody know if E-85 ($2.35/gal) motor fuel will work in a soda can
stove?  It seems to me it would be a good replacement for denatured alcohol
($16.00/gal or $5.00/qt).  I'm thinking maybe an experiment could be
conducted.  Bob Riess at the Trailhead.
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