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Erik The Black erik at eriktheblack.com
Sun Apr 19 17:07:01 CDT 2009

I'm also a big reader, especially while hiking. The problem is I go through
books so quickly that I often have to carry 2-3 paperbacks between resupply
stops. Luckily my base weight was low enough that it doesn't become too much
of a burden. But I have been eyeballing the Amazon Kindle 2 with drool in
the corners of my mouth lately: 


I haven't dropped the hammer on it yet because a lot of the books I like
aren't available yet in Kindle format, and it's a bit pricey at $360... but
I think after the technology has had a few years to mature a bit, this is
going to be the future of book reading.

Imagine being able to hold hundreds of books in a little device that fits in
your pocket and only weighs ten ounces, and to have instant access to
thousands more. My only concern (aside from the limited selection of titles)
is the battery life. Apparently you can "read for days" on a single charge,
but I'm not sure how many hours of reading they include in a day. And it
seems that whenever I buy an electronic device, the battery life is never
nearly as good as advertised, and immediately begins to deteriorate with
repeated recharges.

-Erik The Black

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