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If you are going to the Kick Off, check out the gear vendor area.
The vendors are all PCT hikers.  Three are past thru-hikers and another is 
THE expert when it comes to hiking with the lightest pack.

Also have a few of past thru-hikers go through your pack and tell you their 
experience of 2600 miles or more.
There's hikers there with up to 35,000 miles of hiking experience that would 
love to help you.


Lightweight Backpacking
The fun goes up when the weight goes down
-Warner Springs Monty

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> Dawson,
> Ultimately, if you have carried the weight around on test runs and are
> happy with it then you have your answer.  I presume you think it is
> heavy by the nature of your post.  With that being said, 38lbs is a lot
> of weight.
> I hiked the JMT last August with ~28lb base and it was un-necessarly
> heavy.  I also had an Arcteryx (Bora 75) and carried a 5lb 4-season
> two-person tent.  I felt burdened and ended up malnourished becaused of
> the weight and additional food required to move the load.  I lost !20!
> Lbs in 17 days (usually 195lbs) and that is not a healthy approach to
> hiking.
> I currently have my base down to 14.9lbs and can tell you that the
> missing extra weight is extremely noticeable and welcome.  The only
> compromise I made on "comfort" is my change from a traditional tent to a
> Cuben fiber tarp that I made myself.  This was a large leap for me and
> only time will tell how successful it will be.  I am sure though that it
> will be sufficient for the majority of the thru.
> Ultimately, lightweight equipment costs money so it is likely to be the
> limiting factor.  Do what you can to reduce your "big three:"  tent,
> sleeping bag, and pack.  Keep an open mind and you will find lighter
> weight gear that meets your comfort requirements.
> Your cooking gear is also noticeably heavy if not including fuel.
> This is a rough approximation of my 14.9lb pack:
> Deuter Futura Pro 42 3.00
> Paramo jacket/pant 2.50
> Marmot Hydrogen 1.50
> Alcohol Cook Kit (incl. fuel) 1.25
> Cuben Fiber Tarp & accesories 1.00
> Olympus Camera (4 AA) 1.00
> Prism Snapshot Kite 0.50
> Misc 4.15
> I am also not including my axe,crampons, or bear can in my base as they
> are only periodically carried.  I would obviously be at 13.5lbs if I
> left my kite and chose a lighter camera.  For my personal comfort, I
> cannot afford for my pack to break during the hike so have chosen a
> "heavier", more rugged pack.
> Regards,
> Matthew
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> Hey PCTers
> I just weighed all the things I'm going to take with me on the trail and
> I have come up with 34.88 lbs - that's if I were to hike naked which
> isn't going to happen. Here is my run down:
> Tent (MSR Hubba Hubba)                               4.75 lbs
> Therma-rest (Pro-lite 4)                                 1.75 lbs
> Pack (Arc'teryx Naos 70)                                4.75 lbs
> Sleeping Bag (MEC Asgaard)                           3.94 lbs
> Cooking Stuff (MSR Dragonfly & MSR Pots)       2.63 lbs
> Clothing including Gore-tex shells                    8.63 lbs
> Sandals                                                         1.38
> lbs
> First Aid/Toiletries                                          1.00 lbs
> Odds & Ends                                                  1.44 lbs
> Luxuries                                                        2.00
> lbs
> Water Filter (Katadyn Pocket)                          1.69 lbs
> Ice Axe                                                          0.94
> lbs
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Total:                                                             34.88
> lbs
> I'm curious to how much your packs weigh with everything in it minus
> food and water. I have taken a few things out to get the weight down. A
> few things I have weigh more than I would like them but its about
> comfort. Like my sleeping bag - Its good to -20C but weighs a bit more.
> I might get rid of some of my luxuries ... but that includes my camera
> and such small electronic things. I don't really wanna give those up.
> Dawson
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