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Stephen reddirt2 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 20 19:30:04 CDT 2009

That's about my pack weight for an extended eight day photography packpack 
including food, fuel, and an 8 lb medium format field camera rig.  Ouch!  A 
couple things jump out at me imediately.  If you knock 3 lbs off your 
shelter, 1-1/2 off that sleeping bag, 4 lbs off the clothing, ditch the 
sandals, send the axe ahead, get a lighter pack, a lighter stove, a short 
Pro 4 Sleep pad, you'll probably get down below 20 lbs in short order, more 
like 15 would be awsome for you I think.  What really caught my attention is 
you are at 35lbs before food and water, which will place you over 50lbs 
perhaps on some sections...?  See my point?
You don't need 9 lbs of clothing.  You certainly don't need a 5 lb tent, or 
a 4 lb sleeping bag.  I seriously doubt carrying that Dragonfly stove is 
necesarry unless cooking for a group and someone else is carrying the fuel ! 
And you are starting with a 5 lb pack !
Try light tarp for rain, and a bug net for bugs.  2 lbs max.  get a 2 lb 20 
degree sleeping bag.  and look for a 3 lb pack.  Lots of folks like a rain 
poncho, but I prefer my light wt rain/wind shells.  I just got an 11 oz 
Paclite shell for many dollars, but I also got a 9 oz shell for 17 bucks 
last seaon.
I actually just use cheap green plastic tarps, and an over the bed green 
travel net from REI for a few years now and am quite pleased to be out of 
the bivy and tent, not to mention the combo is lighter.  I been using 2 lb 
down sleeping bags from REI and Marmot for over ten years in the high 
sierra, sweet.
Just my thoughts, the important thing is to go, but you might enjoy the 
walking a little more if you can chop some weight off.  So far I really like 
what folks are telling you.  Suggestions only.
Have a great time getting ready !!!

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> Hey PCTers
> I just weighed all the things I'm going to take with me on the trail and I 
> have come up with 34.88 lbs - that's if I were to hike naked which isn't 
> going to happen. Here is my run down:
> Tent (MSR Hubba Hubba)                               4.75 lbs
> Therma-rest (Pro-lite 4)                                 1.75 lbs
> Pack (Arc'teryx Naos 70)                                4.75 lbs
> Sleeping Bag (MEC Asgaard)                           3.94 lbs
> Cooking Stuff (MSR Dragonfly & MSR Pots)       2.63 lbs
> Clothing including Gore-tex shells                    8.63 lbs
> Sandals                                                         1.38 lbs
> First Aid/Toiletries                                          1.00 lbs
> Odds & Ends                                                  1.44 lbs
> Luxuries                                                        2.00 lbs
> Water Filter (Katadyn Pocket)                          1.69 lbs
> Ice Axe                                                          0.94 lbs
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Total:                                                             34.88 
> lbs
> I'm curious to how much your packs weigh with everything in it minus food 
> and water. I have taken a few things out to get the weight down. A few 
> things I have weigh more than I would like them but its about comfort. 
> Like my sleeping bag - Its good to -20C but weighs a bit more. I might get 
> rid of some of my luxuries ... but that includes my camera and such small 
> electronic things. I don't really wanna give those up.
> Dawson
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