[pct-l] lost yogi's book, need some quick info...

speedrcer917 at aol.com speedrcer917 at aol.com
Tue Apr 21 14:56:57 CDT 2009

i'm putting together a quick maildrop list and realized i lost my copy of yogi's guide. all i need is some maildrop info. i found some of the?stuff online, but would like to double?check w/ what?other people have just to make sure i dont send my stuff to some random place.?if you guys could help, i'd be in your debt:

Warner Springs: P.O. address and hours

Kennedy Meadows: address (whether its UPS or USPS) and hours

Tuolmne Meadows: P.O. address and hours

also, i can't remember if Red's Meadows accepted maildrops or not. or if anyone else can remember what the resupply at the small store was like, just need it to get me to Tuolmne. Thanks!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? --Galahad

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