[pct-l] Rae Lakes Loop Bear Canister Requirements

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Wed Apr 22 17:33:57 CDT 2009

> Seki has also apparently backtracked slightly on the BearVault canister restrictions in the 
> "Rae Lakes" area, too... In 2008, only the 'newer' models (at that time), BV-350 & BV-400, 
> were allowed in that area, but for 2009 only the BV-110B & BV-200 are not approved for the 
> Rae Lakes Loop area... See <http://www.nps.gov/seki/planyourvisit/upload/2009%20Allowed%20Canisters.pdf>

I also emailed Jamie at BearVault regarding the above Seki web page...
The following was his reply:

"I'm sure they made a mistake; we don't want those models in the Rae Lakes 
area because novice hikers tend to go there and not close it correctly.
The idea is only red label lids are used in that location.  
I'll pass this onto the people at SIBBG."

So - apparently the definitive answer is not yet available... Keep checking the above link...

Models BV-350 & BV-400 have a rectangular red label on the lid...
Models BV-450 & BV-500 have a round red label on the lid...

Happy, but somewhat confusing, trails!!!
Jim / PITA

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