[pct-l] Hopefully this is not a stupid question

t.n. turner barnumbaileypdx at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 28 11:56:51 CDT 2009

It isn't a stupid question, only unasked questions are stupid! Your pack is your life on trail, but that said, I can think of quite a few places where I took my wallet, phone, etc bag in with me and left my pack and poles just outside. No one there to watch them. Bridgeport comes to mind really quickly and now that I'm sitting in my living room watching it rain outside, I think, Wow! someone could have picked that up, put in their car and disappeared with it very easily. I was VERY lucky. I did that in lots of places, outside post offices, especially the tiny ones! Back to Bridgeport, I had a police officer come in and ask whose pack was in the lobby. When I spoke up, he said okay, he was just concerned about bags and packs being left behind - terrorism evidently!

I never thought to take it in with me and put it in the shopping cart. But then, I hate shopping<smile>! and don't like to push around a cart, so it's the last thing I want to be encumbered with. Also, I didn't resupply in grocery stores, my food was mailed to me and I only did the 'extras' in the stores - potato chips, orange juice, watermelon, more potato chips! that kind of food!!
So, I would say, take it with you or leave it in sight (P.O.s). 
tammy t.

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> No, that's not a stupid question.  Your pack is your life and you certainly
> don't want to lose it.
> Unless it is strictly forbidden, I throw my pack in my shopping cart at
> larger stores.
> At smaller stores, I'm a little more cautious. Be polite and ask if its ok
> to being your pack in.  If its a really small store, you can hopefully find
> a spot to put your pack near the door.
> If there are other hikers with you, you can shop in shifts and take turn
> watching each others packs.  I ususally remove small valuables before
> putting my pack down and also when hitching rides.
> Try to put yourself in the store owners shoes.  A big pack in a small
> cramped store could potentially cause some damage and/or block aisles.
> Jalan jalan
> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 12:31 AM, Andrew Dawson <
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> > Hey all,
> >
> > Just wondering what everyone does going into stores with there packs. Do
> > stores allow you to keep them on inside? I would hate to have to leave my
> > pack outside to find its gone when i come back outside. I know ... its a
> > stupid question. But the hike would be over if your gear got taken. Thanks
> >
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