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Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Wed Apr 29 09:58:18 CDT 2009

I am by no means an expert having only just about reached the 150 mile mark. But after seeing what others are using and the problems they and I are having I can suggest the following.
Two thin liner socks seem to be the overall favorite among most. Particularly among those that began with single pairs of medium weigt wool socks, got blistered, then switched to liners.
A few of us that are prone to toe blisters are now running Injinji Toe socks with a pair of thin dress socks over the top. Injinjis can be found in Julian at the outfitter's there... A well as delicious pies!
One member of my trail tribe cut down the edges of her insoles cause they were causing heel blisters. Don't be afraid to make mods and or even cut relief slots in the toe box if your shoes fit too tight.
The lower ambient temerratures are really helping us too. Don't forget to air your feet at every opportunity and dry socks as oftenas possible. I run around barefoot in the sandy washes ... Really feels good! Watch out for cati though..HaHa!
When you reach Mike Herrera's don't miss the chance to wash your feet and socks. That really helped us a lot. There is also foot powder and isopropyl alcohol fot footcare.. Thanks MIKE!
Hydropel and Body glide have been used by my little tribe with great succes as well. 
Anyhow, gotta move on up the trail. 
Oh yea, Thanks to the guy from Anchorage that brought us beer in Nance canyon last night..il magic at it's finest!
Luv Ya-  Iceaxe
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