[pct-l] pct southbound 2009 (when, what to wear on the feet, and calories / lbs per day)

jonathan king jwking at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 00:29:39 CDT 2009

Hello all, just joined the list serve.

I am hiking with a friend who doesn't finish school until late May and we
have just recently decided to head southbound - a decision largely based on
a desire not to be in SoCal for all of hot hot June. Other appealing factors
include a less populated trail in OR and WA, less extreme average weather
(rain, temp, etc). I know water will be more of an issue ini SoCal, but
water consumption will hopefully be offset by cooler temps.

After doing a little research, it seems that snowfall in the Northern
Cascades in 80% of normal this year. We are aiming for a June 14th start

A few questions:

Any other SoBounders around?
When are you leaving?
Why south?

Other things I'm wondering about:

I don't have much (any) of experience backpacking in snow or ice and I
assume at a minimum that we will have snowy / icy accents of the northern

Crampons, snowshoes or both? ( I will have an ice axe).

Right now I'm leaning toward oversized stiffer trail runners to accommodate
socks and vapor barrier system.

I know it's hard to tell 7 weeks out, but does anyone have:

predictions for trail conditions?
general footwear ideas?


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