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the mosquitos were really horrid in southern Oregon last year. i hiked a couple days with my head net on and that's something i've never done before, usually just moving was enough. i don't remember the lake i was camped at with accent and ridgewalker, but it was so bad once the sun went down, i cooked with my head net on and then went to my tent immediately to eat. (i wear long sleeves and pants all the time anyway, so that wasn't an issue) i heard the two of them fighting the bugs while trying to eat outside and they finally gave up and went in their tarp. and then another night i camped with sparky and it was just as bad. when i left in the morning, he was really mad because all the mozzies then went and hovered over his bivy and he couldn't get back to sleep, he cussed me and then got up and left camp without breakfast!!

i don't wear deet or anything, i don't find that they work very well and they pollute everything, me and the water i put my hands/body in to, but just my .02 cents!!

> Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2009 09:10:49 +1200
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> Subject: [pct-l] Mosquitoes
> How bad really are the mosquitoes on a PCT thru' hike.  Yes, there will be
> mosquitoes, and at times they will be in dense numbers.  But can one
> quantify it?  Like how many nights/camps when complete coverage is necessary
> compared to mosquitoes being a nuisance when one would simply brush them
> away?  Or how often when camping is being outside of a netting enclosure
> unbearable?
> I don't remember seeing photos of hikers wearing netting suits and head-nets
> when hiking or camping which tends to indicate that bad mosquitoes are
> limited.
> Does anyone carry bug-spray to clear our out the tent before retiring?
> Thanks,
> Kea
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