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Thanks for the deck, really nice work and so I've been scrutinizing it and
comparing to my pack build.  Couple of questions for you regarding the deck
and your kit.  First, on the kitchen parts slide you're showing a
methyl-alcohol stove, a gram biscuit pad, and bio-fuels stack.  Do you
generally use all three fire sources on trips or is this just for
demonstration purposes?  When I cook I've been taking canned gas this
summer, but I've been interested in either turning back to methyl-alcohol or
bio-fuels.  I don't like to carry the weight of the fuel if I don't have to.

Also, I noticed that in several slides you're wearing USDA, USFS issued
Nomex shirt as part of your base ensemble.  Your pants don't look like the
standard Nomex pants (they're usually dark green ... at least in my neck of
the woods).  What kind of pants do you usually wear?  Do you know how much
they weigh?


I live closer to the Columbia than some and do a good bit of UL
backpacking/running.  I don't have a deck put together yet, but certainly
could have something ready to go by November.  Contact me directly off list
and let's talk about the possibilities.


Matt Thyer

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Hi Linda,

Too bad I don't live closer to the Columbia River.  I give LW backpacking
presentations in the Santa Barbara area. 
I have posted my powerpoint presentation on my photo web site. You are
welcome to use the ideas from this presentation. 


Some of my PCT section hikes are also on this site; just click on any album
and run a slide show.

Happy Trails

Paul"The Beeman" Cronshaw
PCT Section hiker

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The Trails Club of Oregon is looking for a backpacker or through hiker to
come and give a talk on light weight backpacking at our lodge in the
Columbia River.  We are offering free meals for the weekend and free
lodging.  We are also looking for a slide show of the PCT or other area that
will encourage more people to put their packs on their back and enjoy the
great out of doors.  
The backpack meeting is planned for Nov. 7-8th.  If anyone is interested
please contact Linda Conrad at:  _lcgrconrad at aol.com_ (ma
ilto:lcgrconrad at aol.com) .  
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