[pct-l] esbit stove - you bet!

Postholer public at postholer.com
Wed Jan 6 12:12:38 CST 2010

> Any tips on minimizing/cleaning the carbon residue?

Just firmly rub the bottom of your pot on the dirt for a few seconds. The 
build-up isn't that bad, it's pretty light.

The esbit fuel tabs cost ~ 50 cents each or ~ $60 for an entire hike, 
compared to about $20 for an alcohol stove. So it's not a break the bank 
affair in context of a thru-hike.

Directed to everyone: But you're not carrying an alcohol stove are you? The 
southern part of the trail has been decimated by fires in recent years, do 
your part don't carry an alcohol stove.

Better yet, try going cook-less. Maybe we can talk Mags into showing us how?

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