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I just picked up Clarke's Natural History of the PCT and smack me with a trekking pole for not mentioning Ryback's book.  

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I forgot, the 1935 book IS distinct from the 1945 and the 1936 books. The Library of Congress describes it as 48 pages, which is smaller than the other two books. 
I also note that the maps prior to the 1945 book may indeed have had more detail, as I have a catalog showing there were 28 maps, although the catalog only describes maps 12-28, omitting 1-11 that covers Washington and Oregon (Clarke having describe the trail sobo).
The Natural History book is listed as 1936 by the Library of Congress. My bulletin lists show it as either bulletin 2 (list c. 1937) or bulletin 4 (list 1943).
I guess cabin fever is here early - I need to go hiking rather than play librarian.


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