[pct-l] TP perspective

shelly skye shelbel26 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 17:15:24 CST 2010

Even though LNT principles state that it is better, in general, to pack out TP, the important thing to remember is that it depends on the situation. If one places TP at the correct depth, in in a soil environment rich in humus, with the urine and feces all mixed up then, sure it will decompose fairly quickly. The Pacific Northwest and probably many other places in the country ( no personal experience here) would probably provide a great environment for this kind of practice.  Arid environments, High Sierra granite and any place where there isn't a great deal of microbial activity in the soil won't be able to quickly decompose materials like TP. Since I spend most of my hiking time in areas with soils not well prepared to handle TP deposits, I don't do it. Nor does one have to deposit TP in a trash can... drop it off in a outhouse, take it home and flush it, don't use a plastic bag but something that can be cleaned and re-used.

I know that sometimes it seems silly to make blanket statements about what "should" happen in every situation. It is just really a drag to come upon a messy bit of someone else's business that an animal has dug up and spread about. If you can't be certain that this won't happen then, in my opinion, it is just selfish to leave it behind. I don't mean to be critical but really, how hard can it be?

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