[pct-l] Bounce bucket

Erik The Black erik at eriktheblack.com
Fri Jan 29 17:03:20 CST 2010

I've used a bounce bucket before and it's kind of like having too much
backpack - I was tempted to fill it up with more junk than I actually need.

Shipping the big bucket around can get expensive (especially if you send it
to every town stop)... although you can forward it for free by Priority Mail
(as long as you don't open it).

I have found that most of the stuff I keep in my bounce box is actually
available locally in the larger trail-towns... so it was redundant.

In the future I will use USPS Flat-Rate Priority boxes containing only the
things I can't find on the trail (hiking socks, maps and guides, electronics
chargers, etc.)... and only bounce it to every 4th town or so.

Happy trails,
Erik the Black

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