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Hi Weathercarrot,
When you get back to Etna Summit could you check the parking area for a 1991 Light Blue Toyota Camry CA Lic 2ZDC398.  I gave him the keys on Tuesday July 13.  I told him specifically to take it to Dave at the Hut.  He asked about taking it back to the Summit and i told him no.I was absolutely clear.He only had permission to take it in lieu of a hitch into town.  We checked the Summit on Thursday and on Friday and it wasn't there..  We didn't check on Saturday.  If Dave or anyone else goes up to the Summit could they check also.
I'm back in the Bay Area it was just too difficult trying to sort through all this in Etna without my cell phone which was in the car.  If you camped with him at Paynes Lake on Monday night it is quite possible that he took it back to the Summit on Saturday or Sunday.even knowing that iI was coming out earlier.
I would really like to resolve this amicalbly.  I just want my car and gear back.
thanks again,
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Hello - 

I'm hiking northbound, and just arrived at the hiker hut in Etna. Last night I camped with Elliot at Paynes Lake.  He's doing a very slow southbound hike with lots of side trails to all the lakes in the wilderness areas. He's taken a month and a half to go from Cook and Green pass north of Seiad to the middle of the Russians. He is new to the long-distance hiking community and mentioned meeting you and borrowing your car to go into town. He asked if such generosity was common in our hiker community. I told him I've heard of many times when folks like yourself have similarly offered their car. He told me that he borrowed the car, went into town, resupplied at the grocery store, headed back up to Etna Summit, left the car there, and resumed his southbound PCT/lakes hike, which he says will only last another week or so, mostly in the Russian Wilderness.

>From the time I spent with him, I think it's very possible or highly likely that he's being truthful, and that the car could have been stolen by someone else after he left it at Etna summit.

I hope this info is helpful, and that this all gets resolved soon.  I'm interested to know what what happens from here.  Taker care,


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